The Way You See Yourself Joseph Wyndell Records by Kirby Warnock If you are looking for a "true" Texas record, then The Way You See Yourself fits the bill, as its singer/composer is Neely Reynolds, A San Antonio born and Fort Worth bred entertainer. The album was recorded at Sumet Burnet studios in Dallas, and boasts and excellent mix and clarity that should help the reputation of Texas recording studios. Now that you know that this is a Texas product, just what does the record have to offer? Well, the best label I can tag on this is that it is simply a pleasant recording, easy on the ears, and laid-back in style. Reynolds voice is a buttermilk smooth blend of Texas honky-tonk and middle of the road pop. His songs are about love, and inner vision and self-analysis. He sings of life on the road ("Traveling"), performing ("One Man Band"), and settling down ("Southern Peace of Mind"). All in all, it is a good debut for a new Texas artist, and a winner of ABC's Singing Cowboy contest.” - Kirby Warnock 1977

— Texas Mix