CAMPAIGN TO PUT CASA MANANA THEATRE BACK IN-THE-ROUND 1958 Casa MaƱana was the nation's first permanent theatre designed for the production of musicals-in-the-round.”
CASA MANANA MEETS THE BRONCO BOWL To whoever cares, The new lobby is great, the new restrooms are wonderful, the theater is awful. You have cut the heart and soul out of Casa Manana. I came with hopes of a new beginning for Casa. I predict an end. The theater looks like a resurrection of the Bronco Bowl. It will be a great place for punk rock bands to perform but as far as musicals, why bother. The uniqueness of Casa is gone, destroyed. As far as an opening night, how boring! There was no excitement, no fanfare, no sense of magic, boring! Summer of 42 was a great movie, it is terrible as a musical. The songs were forgettable. I have seen better college productions. This is not high ticket price value. Experimental, lab theater, off campus, maybe? Who is this Denton Yockey? The man is out for himself , an ego maniac. "Manana Man," where is the cape and dance belt? The legacy of Casa is being lost and I hold him and the board of directors responsible. You have managed to cut out the creative passion and vision that was once Casa Manana. To restore Casa to its original grandeur should have been your mission, and if you spent 4.7 million on what I saw, you were taken and somebody got their pocket filled with money. The building is cold and dead, the life sucked out of it. It saddens me greatly to see what has happened to Casa. It is not the house of tomorrow but a slap in the face to Fort Worth and the legacy of Casa Manana. I will give you the benefit of the doubt, the directors of the board may have had good intentions but they failed, terribly. Denton Yockey will move on, the Directors of the Board will move on, and the memory of the Casa that once lived will continue in the memories of those who had the opportunity to see theater in-the-round and how creative and magical it could be. Once there was a spot For one brief shining moment that was known As Camelot." (Casa Manana) Casa's grand days are over, covered by an concrete incline with a view of Denton Yockey's front porch. Sincerely yours, Joseph W. Neely Reynolds” - Joseph W. Neely Reynolds

— To Whoever Cares