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Rev. Joseph W. Neely Reynolds: Information Links

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Drudge Report
The Drudge Report is a popular U.S.-based news website run by Matt Drudge. The site consists primarily of links to stories from the US and international mainstream media about politics, entertainment, and various current events as well as links to many popular columnists.
Mark Levin
Fox News
The Fox News Channel (FNC) is a United States-based cable and satellite news channel. It is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group, and is a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation. As of January 2005, it is available to 85 million households in the U.S. and further to viewers internationally, broadcasting primarily out of its New York City studios.
"OBSESSION" Radical Islam
"Obsession is without exaggeration one of the most important films of our time. " -- Glenn Beck CNN Headline News "Obsession is required viewing for everyone. " -- Howard Gordon Executive Producer "24"
Joel Rosenberg - Epicenter
Joel C. Rosenberg is the founder of The Joshua Fund and the New York Times best-selling author of THE LAST JIHAD (2002), THE LAST DAYS (2003), THE EZEKIEL OPTION (2005), THE COPPER SCROLL (2006), and EPICENTER (2006) with more than one million copies in print. EPICENTER: Why The Current Rumblings In The Middle East Will Change Your Future was Joel's first non-fiction book. It was released September 18, 2006.
Thomas PM Barnett
Thomas P.M. Barnett is a strategic planner who has worked in national security affairs since the end of the Cold War and has operated his own consulting practice (Barnett Consulting) since 1998. Tom founded a consulting partnership with two other outstanding individuals called The New Rule Sets Project LLC. The consultancy was acquired by Enterra Solutions, LLC. in August of 2005, with Dr. Barnett as Senior Managing Director.
Kinky Friedman
Richard S. "Kinky" Friedman (born October 31, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, novelist, humorist, politician and former columnist for Texas Monthly. He was one of two independent candidates in the 2006 election for the office of Governor of Texas. Receiving 12.6% of the vote, Friedman placed fourth in the five-party race.
Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter is the author of five New York Times bestsellers —Godless: The Church of Liberalism (June 2006),How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)(October, 2004), Treason: Liberal Treachery From the Cold War to the War on Terrorism (June 2003); Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right (June 2002); and High Crimes and Misdemeanors:The Case Against Bill Clinton (August 1998).
ABC News
ABC News is a division of ABC television and radio networks (ABC), owned by The Walt Disney Company. Its current president is David Westin. ABC News is the news unit of the American Broadcasting Company. Its slogan is: "More Americans get their news from ABC News than from any other source."
Supreme Court Collection
Jib Jab - Political Humor
World Fact Book