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Rev. Joseph W. Neely Reynolds: Information Links

Songwriters' Associations

Dallas-Fort Worth NSAI Regional Chapter
Bringing a little bit of Nashville to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Monthly Meetings. " The Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) consists of a body of creative minds, including songwriters from all genres of music, professional and amateur, who are committed to protecting the rights of songwriters."
Texas Christian Songwriters Association
We're a non-profit organization created to help faith-based songwriters throughout the state get their music heard so it can bless the Kingdom of God. Each monthly meeting will include fellowship among writers, song-sharing, and an educational section designed to build-up each member.
Nashville Songwriters Association International
Based in Nashville, NSAI represents all musical genres and includes songwriters from across the United States and overseas. NSAI provides a haven for both proven and undiscovered writers -- to get a cup of coffee, to make a phone call or just to receive a word of advice or consolation. To quote NSAI’s motto: "IT ALL BEGINS WITH A SONG" -- and, sometimes, it all begins over lunch.
Fort Worth Songwriters Association
Fort Worth Songwriters Association Incorporated is a non-profit organization, formed exclusively for charitable, literary and educational purposes as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The purposes of the Association include providing, educating, and promoting public awareness and interest in songwriting and the creation of music as an art form.
Dallas-Fort Worth Master Songwriting Sessions
Excellence in Songwriting!
Dallas Songwriters Association
Monthly meetings which feature guest speakers from all fields of the music industry and critique sessions to give honest, creative, and helpful advice on improving writing style and technique. Showcases designed to promote, not only our songwriters as writers, but performers as well which feature artists performing original songs from all musical styles and cultural backgrounds. Periodically other various functions are sponsored or co-sponsored by DSA. Seminars and workshops throughout the year which feature faculty from major educational institutions, respected industry businesses, and aware winning songwriters. Songwriter Notes, a newsletter which features local, national, and international information valuable to songwriters. Song contests which provide an opportunity to award prizes and scholarships to songwriters. Social interaction and networking with other arts related organizations and industry professionals. Many of these activities have been sponsored or co-sponsored by local and national music industry businesses.
Austin Songwriters Group
Tuesday nights are Song Doctor nights!!!!! We start at 6:30. Bring a dozen or so copies of your new song, old song, just about to be recorded song, or unfinished song with you and get some feed back from folks that are here for the same reason you write better songs. It is a great way to make yourself get out of the box. For those of you that perform it gives you a chance to sing in the presence of others you don't know and it sharpens your a nice safe place. If you don't want to play your song you can bring a CD with you or just sing without an instrument. You will hear songs that you would never have thought about writing for any number of reasons. We are our greatest resource, and no one understands us like we understand each other. Show up and give this a try. You're gonna love it. You will be thinking about writing songs all the way home. Maybe you will write one on the way home. It really is a creative gathering. It's free...just takes a little deciding you want your songs to get better. You have to be present to win!! BTW I know some of you are thinking your songs are perfect. Come anyway. : ) You could help others. If you would like to come and watch this little happening, and not participate to see what's up we are good with that. It is a great place to meet co-writers and singers or instrumentalist that you might want to work with. We meet at the office at 3105 Manchaca.
New York Songwriters Circle
Do you ever notice when you aren’t trying, pushing or beating down a door, and just using your pure intention to guide you, the right people, places and circumstances arrive to give to you just what you needed, and so much more? Well, in a nutshell, that's how the New York Songwriter’s Circle Inc. came about.
Los Angeles Songwriters Network
Songwriters Guild of America
NMPA - National Music Publishers Association
AFM - American Federation of Musicians
American Federation of Television Radio & Artists
Texas Music Office
Americana Music Association