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Rev. Joseph W. Neely Reynolds: Information Links


Scott Lennox - Texas Aritist
Scott Lennox, Fort Worth artist, poet, and musician will present his drawings, paintings, field notes, poetry, and original music about his love of the Brazos River and its surrounding countryside in a solo exhibition he calls Brazos River Country.
Confessions of a Madwoman by Marijo Moore
Webcast / Marijo Moore / Library of Congress / Bookfest 2004
MariJo Moore, of Cherokee, Irish and Dutch ancestry is an author / artist / poet / essayist / lecturer / editor / publisher / workshop presenter. Ms. Moore resides in the mountains of western NC. She is founder of rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING, which was chosen as Publisher of the Year by Wordcraft Circle of Native Writers and Storytellers in 2001. Recent publications include Please Do Not Touch The Indians by Joseph A. Dandurand, First Nation Kwantlen, British Columbia, and Confessions of a Madwoman, a pocket size book of poetry.
Andrew Wilks - Sculptor
Fort Worth Public Art
Mic Muhlbauer - Artist
Technique and method are as important as content in my work. My vehicle is realism, which seems to offer the clearly articulated language of imagery I need for expressing my thoughts. There is a search for order and meaning in my work, a longing for a sense of myth, magic, mystery and especially humor.
Ole Catus Paw (artist Mic Muhlbauer)
I Tell You This (artist - Mic Muhlbauer)
"Spectral Delight Reflection Series" ( artist - Joe Sustaire)
Art Director & Designer Barry Phillips
BARRY PHILLIPS - Art Director / Producer
Andrew Shapter - Photographer/Film Maker
have a facinating 6 yr old daughter, two dogs, one house and a van. Life is short, so, I don't sweat the small stuff. I am preparing to direct my second film which will be shot in a wide range of cultures around the globe. I was a free-lance photographer for twelve years before turning to film. I just finished directing my first film, Before the Music Dies which I hope you'll go and see at a screening near you. Or better yet, you can go to Amazon to buy it! Please help support my filmmaking habits! My next film The Greener Side, focuses on the "pursuit of hapiness" in America. To find out more about it, simply click on The Greener Side my "top friends" below. You'll find blogs, photos and reports from the set. Please add The Greener Side as your friend! We need your support.